Plastic shredder

The plastic shredder complies with the national environmental protection development policy. The plastic shredder can be used to accept plastics such as boxes, thin pipe fittings, blow molded parts, bottles, and shells.

The wide layout of the flat knife of the plastic shredder can properly rupture large-volume, thin-walled, thin-material products, and improve the rupture efficiency. Equipped with an electronically controlled safety plan, the hopper adopts a double-layer layout, and is filled with sound-proof materials. Plastic Shaker manufacturerThe motor is equipped with overload protection equipment. The power supply equipment has superior safety and environmental protection, energy saving and durability.

In accordance with the growth of the domestic and foreign reclaimed rubber industry, the plastic shredder initiated the encouragement to grow fine vulcanized rubber powder, grow special reclaimed rubber, limited roughness, low-end general-purpose reclaimed rubber, encourage the adoption of domestically-made equipment, restrict the introduction of foreign equipment, and follow the waste rubber With the increasing number of products, rubber shredders have become a necessity for reclaimed rubber. The reclaimed rubber industry has developed rapidly. It links reclaimed rubber to the situation, reclaimed rubber and deep processing precision, develops diversified use, performs deep processing, and expands the acceptance of waste rubber. The limitation of operation, the rubber shredder is worthy of your attention.

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